Emergency Contact

As your property management team, we strive to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for everyone in our community. We want to take a moment to remind you about what constitutes a maintenance emergency and the significance of using the emergency contact number responsibly and also help troubleshoot some common tenant issues.


In cases where the safety and security of the entire complex is at risk, such as break-ins, intruders, fires, gas leaks, medical emergencies, domestic disputes, or alarming noise complaints, please contact the local authorities directly.



*or your local police department non-emergency line

Maintenance Emergency

For situations such as gas leaks, flooding, major water leaks, or complete loss of utilities.


(218) 531-9980

*number routed automatically after hours

After Hours Non-Emergency Maintenance

Non-emergency maintenance requests should be reported through designated channels during business hours to ensure proper attention without disrupting emergency response.

Online Tenant Portal

Tenants have the option to submit an online tenant request at any time of day for management to review and respond to as quickly possible during business hours.

Responsible Use of Emergency Contact Number

By using the emergency contact number responsibly, we can work together to create a safer and more enjoyable living environment for everyone. We value your cooperation and understanding in this matter, as it helps us provide the best service to our entire community.

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