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How do I deal with and contain leaks?

Dealing with leaks from either the roof or ceiling and under the sink is essential for minimizing damage and maintaining a safe living environment. If the leak is originating from a neighbor’s unit, it’s crucial for tenants to take immediate action to contain the leak and help with cleanup. If necessary, they should also contact emergency maintenance for prompt resolution. Here’s a guide on what to do:

Safety First

– Prioritize personal safety when dealing with leaks. If water is dripping from the ceiling or coming from the roof, avoid standing under the affected area to prevent injury.

Contain the Leak

– Place buckets, pots, or any available containers under the leak to catch the dripping water and prevent it from spreading to other areas.
– If water is pooling on the floor, use towels, mops, or absorbent materials to soak up excess water and prevent further damage.

Shut Off the Water Supply (If Applicable)

– If the leak is coming from under the sink, check for a shutoff valve under the sink and turn it off to stop the water supply. This can prevent further water damage until the issue is addressed.

Notify the Neighbor (If Applicable)

– If the leak is suspected to be coming from a neighbor’s unit, kindly inform them about the issue. They might not be aware of the problem, and prompt action can help prevent further damage to both units.

Cleanup and Prevent Mold Growth

– Use towels, rags, or a wet/dry vacuum to clean up the water to the best of your ability. Promptly dry the affected areas, including walls, ceilings, and floors, to prevent mold growth.
– If the leak has caused visible damage, notify the property management to initiate repairs.

Contact Emergency Maintenance

– If the leak is severe, uncontrollable, or poses a risk to safety or property, contact the property management or emergency maintenance immediately. Use the designated emergency contact number provided by the property management for quick assistance.

Report to Property Management

– After containing the leak and ensuring everyone’s safety, report the incident to the property management through the designated maintenance request channels. Provide detailed information about the leak, its location, and any visible damage.

Assistance and Cooperation

– The property management and maintenance team will work diligently to identify the source of the leak and address the issue promptly.
– Be cooperative and responsive to any instructions or inquiries from the property management or maintenance team to expedite the resolution process.

By taking immediate action to contain leaks and communicating with the property management, tenants can help prevent further damage and ensure a swift resolution to the issue. Cooperation with neighbors and prompt reporting to the maintenance team are essential steps in maintaining a safe and well-maintained living environment for everyone in the building.

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