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How do I Inspect and replace fridge filter?

1. Fridge Filters and Their Purpose 

– Some refrigerators in the apartments come equipped with a water filter. These filters are designed to improve water quality by removing impurities and contaminants. However, due to the clean city water supply and additional treatment at the apartment, the refrigerator filters serve no practical use in further enhancing the water quality.

2. Not All Fridges Have Water and Filter Option

– It’s important to note that not all refrigerators in the apartments have a water and filter option. Some units may have standard refrigerators without water dispensers or filters. 

3. Periodical Timer for Filter Replacement

– For tenants whose refrigerators have a water and filter option, the refrigerator’s water filter is set on a periodical timer to prompt replacement at specific intervals. However, since the water quality is already ensured through other means, tenants are not required to replace the refrigerator filter as part of their routine maintenance. 

4. Visual Inspection for Filter Replacement

– If a tenant with a fridge featuring a water and filter option notices a visible reduction in water flow or a decrease in water clarity from the refrigerator dispenser, they can inspect the filter for possible clogging or debris. 
– If there is a significant drop in water quality that cannot be attributed to other issues, tenants can consider replacing the filter to see if it resolves the problem. 

5. Tenant-Initiated Filter Replacement

– For tenants whose refrigerators have a water and filter option, they have the choice to change the refrigerator filter at their expense if they desire. If they prefer to have a new filter for personal preference, they can do so. 
– If a tenant decides to replace the filter, they can find compatible replacement filters in appliance stores or online retailers. Refer to the refrigerator’s user manual or the existing filter for the correct filter model. 

6. Water Quality Assurance

– Regardless of whether a refrigerator has a water and filter option, rest assured that the building’s water supply undergoes regular testing and treatment to meet all safety and quality standards set by local authorities. 
– Any issues with water quality are promptly addressed by the property management and maintenance team, so tenants can have peace of mind regarding the water they use. 

7. Maintenance Assistance

– If tenants have any concerns about their refrigerator, including the filter if applicable, they can reach out to the property management or maintenance team for assistance. 
– Maintenance staff can inspect the refrigerator, address any issues, and provide guidance on filter replacement if needed.

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