- Tenant FAQS -

How do I replace smoke detector batteries?

Tenant Responsibility

– Tenants are responsible for regularly replacing the batteries in the smoke detectors within their apartment units.
– Smoke detectors are critical life-saving devices, and maintaining their operational status is essential for your safety and the safety of others in the building.

Recommended Schedule

– It is recommended that tenants change the batteries in their smoke detectors at least once a year.
– If you hear a low battery warning signal (a chirping sound), change the battery immediately.

Building Support

– While it is the tenant’s responsibility to replace smoke detector batteries, we are more than willing to provide assistance if you are unable to perform the task on your own.
– If you need help replacing the batteries or if you have questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Regular Testing

– In addition to battery replacement, tenants are encouraged to test their smoke detectors once a month by pressing the test button to ensure proper functionality.

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