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How do I troubleshoot/Report washer, dryer and Oven issues?


– Regular cleaning of the washing machine helps prevent mold, unpleasant odors, and buildup of detergent residue.
– After each laundry cycle, wipe down the door gasket, drum, and detergent dispenser to remove any moisture and detergent residue.
– Leave the washing machine door open slightly between uses to allow for proper ventilation and to prevent mold growth. 
– Clean the lint filter (if applicable) after every use to ensure efficient drying and prevent lint buildup.


– Cleaning the dryer’s lint filter is essential for efficient drying and preventing fire hazards.
– After each drying cycle, remove lint from the lint filter. A clogged filter can reduce airflow and increase drying time.
– Every few months, vacuum or brush the lint trap and area behind it to remove accumulated lint.


– Regular cleaning of the oven keeps it functioning optimally and reduces the risk of fire from food debris.
– After each use, wipe down spills and food particles from the oven interior and racks using a mild detergent and warm water.
– Use oven-safe mats or liners to catch spills and drips, making them easier to clean.

Cleaning Products

– Use only mild detergents or cleaners recommended by the manufacturer for cleaning appliances. Harsh chemicals can damage the appliance’s surfaces and components.
– Avoid using abrasive scrubbers or steel wool, as they can scratch surfaces.

Maintenance Checks

– Regularly inspect washers, dryers, and ovens for signs of wear, loose parts, or damage.
– Check the power cords and plugs for any fraying or damage, and ensure they are securely plugged into appropriate outlets.

Reporting Issues

– If tenants encounter any malfunctions, unusual noises, or performance issues with the appliances, they should report them to the property management or maintenance team promptly.
– Do not attempt DIY repairs on the appliances, as this may void warranties or cause further damage.

Safety Tips

– Do not overload washers and dryers, as it can strain the appliances and lead to inefficiency.
– Ensure proper venting for dryers to prevent lint buildup and reduce the risk of fires.
– For ovens, avoid using aluminum foil directly on the oven floor, as it can block airflow and cause uneven cooking or damage to heating elements.

Tenant Responsibility

– Tenants are responsible for cleaning and maintaining washers, dryers, and ovens regularly during their tenancy to ensure they function optimally.
– If tenants encounter significant issues beyond routine maintenance, they should promptly report them to the property management for professional assessment and repair.

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